Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ristorante Joia in Milan

I spent the last week end in Milan.

I went there, together with my husband, mainly to have dinner at Pietro Leemann's Vegetarian Restaurant .
I heard about Mr. Leemann after the time I decided to try the vegan philosophy.
I was looking about vegan mayonnaise  directions when I found instead , in YouTube channel, a receipt by Mr. Simone Salvini who is a collaborator at Joia restaurant and also at the School called "Organic Accademy".
In that moment,  I knew about Mr. Leemann and his restaurant, later I knew also about his book whose title is : "DIARIO DI UN CUOCO, Che cosa mangia un grande chef a casa sua" (a cooker's diary: what a great chef eats at his home).

I love this book.

Mr. Leemann is a very creative person and he introduces us an assortment of very creative receipts.
This fact proves to everybody that vegetarian cuisine is a very funny a delicious kind of cookery.
Many persons think that to be vegetarian / vegan means to eat only boiled vegetable but Mr. Leemann proves them that this sentence is absolutely unreal .

Joia's motto is " A healthy diet as your philosophy of life".

Any dish you select , it will be the best select .

The book is divided into seasons : 4 of course.
It includes around 100 hundred receipts and each of them includes a personal note by Mr. Leemann.

I suggest both :
Firstly it is better to buy the book and to read each receipt and comment.
Secondly , allow yourself a dinner at Joia restaurant.

Here bellow some directions:

about the restaurant:
Address: Via Panfilo Castaldi , 18
20124 MIlano 
ph. # +39 02 29522124

about the book:
Title: DIARIO DI UN CUOCO - Che cosa mangia un grande chef a casa sua.
ISBN code : 9788879289344

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