Wednesday, May 12, 2010


How many times we complain about our bad luck since we was unable to organize a weekend at sea side.

Also, how many times we are desperate since we got 1 kg more because we ate too much during last X’mas or Easter holidays.

It seems banal to repeat one again how lucky we are to be born where we are born, to have a warm and comfortable home where we can live, to have a family which gives all of loves to us, to have a work which allows as to cover our needs, our caprices, to live in a free and democratic country where we can tell in loud our opinion, our fears or joys , so …. TO LIVE.

We have to remember once again that we are a part of that minority of people ( around 25% of World population) who has the right to a life with dignity.

During the last summer, I visited Manila for the fist time. I hadn’t thought, before that moment, that Philippines could be a country so poor a I saw.

I felt so bad, I cried when I saw babies / children playing in the middle of the dirtiness and rubbish.

I felt so bad after, even now I feel bad since I came back home and I didn’t do anything to help those persons and persons who are in the same situation of Philippine people.

I only give sometimes some money through my Mobil phone or through my income tax return…., but I believe that the solution in not in our hands. Not in the hands of anonymous citizens all of the World. The solution is in the hands of our politicians, in the hands of our Governs. Their best intentions are needed.. but unfortunately they are blind and deaf…….

I cry out my indignation.

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I ‘m mad as hell