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River Guadalope : spring (Spain)

Every body knows it: Water is life.!
Every organism is dependent on the water. Our body has a very high percentage of water, more than 50%. 

We can say that without the water there is not life and also we can say that quality of life depends on the water. Without it, there is only desolation, death.

River Mijares (Spain)

We live into the amniotic liquid before our birth.
The rain irrigates the fields and together with the sun gift us vegetables and fruits. 
The water spring quenchs people.
The water cleans our body and our home.
In the past people exchanged things, money, cultures sailing Mare Nostrum water. 

River Mijares (Spain)

River Mijares (Spain)

The city of Siena was founded as a Roman colony during August Emperor Period.
Since none river was nearby, already in the Middle Age  the people of Siena dug many wells  (called “bottini”) because their necessity of water.
A legend tells that  during the excavations,  when silence was absolute, it was possible to hear a river course, a subterranean river which people called DIANA. 

River Guadalope (Spain)

Even the very high efforts,  the legendary river wasn’t never found .
However it became very famous also because Dante Alighieri mentioned it on his Purgatory :

“Tu li vedrai tra quella gente vana
che spera in Talamone, e perderagli
più di speranza ch’a trovar la Diana;
ma più vi perderanno li ammiragli “

Of course subterranean digging were stopped several centuries ago, however Siena people never forgot it.  Very near to Porta San Marco we can find Diana street (Via della Diana ).

Diana Street - Siena / Italy 

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