Thursday, February 23, 2012


As already told, we have a cat, a female cat. Her name is Nelly.

She was born on 30th June 2008.

She has an older brother , I don't know exactly when he was born but for sure , it was at least 1 year before than Nelly.

Frankly speaking we never learnt his name since too difficult so,….

We call him GEDEONE

His "human mum", (who is my neighbor) every winter, leaves her house here in the countryside, and moves to the city center.

Her cat stays here, together us.


After a very terrible weather in the past days, the temperatures are getting warm little by little.


This morning and early afternoon we had a very beautiful day. The sky was blue and the temperature got even 14°C. … not bad if , we consider that 1 week ago, in the early morning it was even less than -10°C.  

GEDEONE has decided to enjoy this very beautiful day on his "private watchtower" .


I couldn't resist to take him some pictures

Magic snow

Just two lines since an imagine tells us more than thousand words …. !!

Last week,  I went to the city center, in the late afternoon and this is what I saw



Beautiful , isn't it ?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

It is snowing (also this year ) !

Again, also this year, punctually in February the snow visits us .
All media  advised us. They told about very, very  low temperatures and too much snow … it was true.
It started on Tuesday afternoon and it lasted till the late afternoon of Wednesday.
Then it came again during the morning of Thursday and a little bit during the night of Friday .
My well I almost completely covered: 

And also my poor plants, here one of my rose trees.


It is very cold and it is very difficult to drive since the low temperatures  iced the snow , so I have stayed  at home all this time.
I have read “The help”  by  Kathryn Stockett.
And I have observed the birds . I have put some feeds at the entrance of my home and they have come many of them.
I also have taken many pictures but not all of them are very detailed
In any case I am sure that I have seen ROBIN birds many of them

But also a new bird, never seen before. I am almost sure that it is the Chaffinch


Then I have checked in Internet and …


This bird is common and very familiar throughout Europe. It is the second most familiar bird in the U.K. Islands .
It was introduced from Britain into a number of its overseas territories in the 18th and 19th centuries.
It uses a variety of habitats, but open woodland is favored, although it is common in gardens and on farmland.