Saturday, February 4, 2012

It is snowing (also this year ) !

Again, also this year, punctually in February the snow visits us .
All media  advised us. They told about very, very  low temperatures and too much snow … it was true.
It started on Tuesday afternoon and it lasted till the late afternoon of Wednesday.
Then it came again during the morning of Thursday and a little bit during the night of Friday .
My well I almost completely covered: 

And also my poor plants, here one of my rose trees.


It is very cold and it is very difficult to drive since the low temperatures  iced the snow , so I have stayed  at home all this time.
I have read “The help”  by  Kathryn Stockett.
And I have observed the birds . I have put some feeds at the entrance of my home and they have come many of them.
I also have taken many pictures but not all of them are very detailed
In any case I am sure that I have seen ROBIN birds many of them

But also a new bird, never seen before. I am almost sure that it is the Chaffinch


Then I have checked in Internet and …


This bird is common and very familiar throughout Europe. It is the second most familiar bird in the U.K. Islands .
It was introduced from Britain into a number of its overseas territories in the 18th and 19th centuries.
It uses a variety of habitats, but open woodland is favored, although it is common in gardens and on farmland.


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