Tuesday, May 28, 2013


This spring is a very rainy spring. News paper and tv tell us that this is the most rainy spring of the last two centuries.
I like rainy days, because I think the from the point of view of beauty the NATURE (plants, trees, fields and flowers) is more beautiful after a SOFT squall : everything is clean and colours are brighter
and you can feel a restoring smell.
I like the rain also because it helps me with my garden: I don't need to water my plant… they are watering "naturally" .
Last Friday while the sky decided to take a pause I went down to my vege garden, so I collected some strawberries, some artichoke and some broad beans.
Coming back to home, near the cypress, I found a baby bird: it was a JAY.

For sure, it came down from the nest and it was very lucky I saw it before any of our cats.
This bird , called JAY in English , is called GHIANDAIA in Italian ( it means: the one who eats oak nuts) and in Spanish ARRENDAJO… so I call it RENDY.
Its binominal name is Garrulus glandarius and it belongs to Covidae Family.
I love watch the birds which visit my garden and I had seen that Jays usually eat fruit. For instance , they ate many of my cherries some days ago.
So on the base of this observation, I thought that I could give HIM some grinded cereals + some strawberry , all of them mixed together .
I was afraid he was going to die very soon but …. I was wrong . He is growing up more and more every day and every day is more and more funny, 
here Rendy when he is very HUNGRY