Sunday, October 31, 2010

Forest in Tuscany.
Finally some minutes for me !!!
It is more than one moth I don’t write any post.
It was because I had have too much work in the office! 
From the beginning of Septembe till now, I have gone there very early in the morning until the afternoon, then, as all women, I  have to take care of my family and home….. I am very tired ….. During this time almost 8 weeks, I was unable to take care of my vegetables and flowers in my garden. 

Also I was unable to read my books as I would have like to do!

However, now the situation is getting better and I have some more time for me, so I could go to the forest yesterday for a walk and also to harvest some mushrooms (we collected almost 10 kgs.) .
I always mention the beauty of autumn in Tuscany. Every year,  I feel in love to these gorgeous fields and forests. I adore the colours but also the smell.
The only bad feeling ?? Many hunters ! They send me into a very sadness condition. 

another corner in a Tuscan forest. 

Beautiful chestnut leaves
I also had some time to harvest pumpkins and other fruits.
Pine-nuts :They are pine seeds. They contain proteins   and they are eaten in Europe since Palaeolithic period. They are  one of ingredient to prepare Pesto sauce.
Hazelnuts: they are hazelnuts tree seeds. They contain vitamin E and phytosterols (substance very important against to disorders of the heart. They are rich of monounsatured fats.
Almonds: they are almond tree seeds. They contain vitamin E, proteins, fats, magnesium and calcium. 

Pumpkins  from my garden 

dried fruits