Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ristorante Joia in Milan

I spent the last week end in Milan.

I went there, together with my husband, mainly to have dinner at Pietro Leemann's Vegetarian Restaurant .
I heard about Mr. Leemann after the time I decided to try the vegan philosophy.
I was looking about vegan mayonnaise  directions when I found instead , in YouTube channel, a receipt by Mr. Simone Salvini who is a collaborator at Joia restaurant and also at the School called "Organic Accademy".
In that moment,  I knew about Mr. Leemann and his restaurant, later I knew also about his book whose title is : "DIARIO DI UN CUOCO, Che cosa mangia un grande chef a casa sua" (a cooker's diary: what a great chef eats at his home).

I love this book.

Mr. Leemann is a very creative person and he introduces us an assortment of very creative receipts.
This fact proves to everybody that vegetarian cuisine is a very funny a delicious kind of cookery.
Many persons think that to be vegetarian / vegan means to eat only boiled vegetable but Mr. Leemann proves them that this sentence is absolutely unreal .

Joia's motto is " A healthy diet as your philosophy of life".

Any dish you select , it will be the best select .

The book is divided into seasons : 4 of course.
It includes around 100 hundred receipts and each of them includes a personal note by Mr. Leemann.

I suggest both :
Firstly it is better to buy the book and to read each receipt and comment.
Secondly , allow yourself a dinner at Joia restaurant.

Here bellow some directions:

about the restaurant:
Address: Via Panfilo Castaldi , 18
20124 MIlano 
ph. # +39 02 29522124

about the book:
Title: DIARIO DI UN CUOCO - Che cosa mangia un grande chef a casa sua.
ISBN code : 9788879289344

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lethargy is over

Some months are over.
They were a difficult period . I had not any time , I had not any will to write anything.
I think to the last 7 months as my period of lethargy .
I found myself sleepy and energizing- less
As my Nelly cat in this picture (maybe beacuse she is falling in love ... )


And also the old tree is sleeping right now


The spring is almost coming . 
It is time to wake up and what is better than some garden activity ?
Near my place , in a small village called STIGLIANO a group of nice people organize events and activities to help people to know better and love the NATURE.
This cultural association is called LA BOTTEGA DI STIGLIANO and in addiction to activities they set up a shop, that kind of shop we call here A FILIERA CORTA , which means "from the closest farmers".
There is also a bar + a restaurant which can be asked even for VEGAN MEALS (my last passion)




La Bottega di Stigliano è uno spazio innovativo
dedicato all'alimentazione e all'agricoltura di qualità,
un luogo multifunzionale dove fare la spesa
acquistando direttamente dal produttore,
assaporare piatti a "Km 0"
e partecipare ad iniziative culturali
per approfondire il legame tra ciò che consumiamo
e l'ambiente in cui viviamo.

L'obiettivo della bottega è sostenere il consumo
e la produzione di cibi locali
come elemento centrale della qualità della nostra vita
e dello sviluppo del nostro territorio.




In any case, last Saturday the meeting was about ROSES, with the title of
The guest speaker was Mr. SANDRO DI MARE, who is a LANDSCAPE consulting .
The meeting lasted about 2 hours and half .
I learnt
  • how to plant these bushes (which are perennial plants with more than one hundred different kinds of species).
  • How to wet, compost and prune them.
I learnt that one of the most beautiful roses bush I have is called ICERBERG ROSE.
I learnt that ICEBERG belongs to FLORIBUNDA group (which is an hybrid between TEA and POLYANTHA)
It is a very energy rose bush which can resist against illnesses which normally hit roses plant. The flowering can repeat from spring to winter.
White flowers in clustering shape and light green foliage give a very elegant look to this beautiful plant.