Thursday, February 23, 2012


As already told, we have a cat, a female cat. Her name is Nelly.

She was born on 30th June 2008.

She has an older brother , I don't know exactly when he was born but for sure , it was at least 1 year before than Nelly.

Frankly speaking we never learnt his name since too difficult so,….

We call him GEDEONE

His "human mum", (who is my neighbor) every winter, leaves her house here in the countryside, and moves to the city center.

Her cat stays here, together us.


After a very terrible weather in the past days, the temperatures are getting warm little by little.


This morning and early afternoon we had a very beautiful day. The sky was blue and the temperature got even 14°C. … not bad if , we consider that 1 week ago, in the early morning it was even less than -10°C.  

GEDEONE has decided to enjoy this very beautiful day on his "private watchtower" .


I couldn't resist to take him some pictures

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