Thursday, August 12, 2010

Holidays !!!!!

Finally we have won our yearly relax !!

After months and months of stressing runs in order to be able to do everything, after months and months of cold, rains, winds and sometimes (3 times last winter) snows, we can enjoy the summer, so nice temperature, the sun and lighter days.

The possibilities are many in our days, almost everybody can arrive everywhere: sea, mountains, countryside, beauty Spa, go to the own birth place, also stay at home since in this period, when cities are desert, it is also very pleasant to take our time to know better the place where we live.

In any case we decided to visit my family in Spain.

We left Italy on 26th July from Livorno Port to Barcelona.

The travel was very pleasant, the sea was very calm and the sky very blue and sunny. During the last voyage by ferry in 2008, I slept for 18 hours: the sea was
in agitation and I felt very sick, so the best medicine was the bed !!!

This time I wake up in the morning and I went out to take some sun, some ice cream and I took my time to read my book.

After 22 travelling hours we left the vessel and by car we went to our destination, to one of the most love corner in my heart.

It is located in “Comarca del Maestrazgo”. It is an uncontaminated place, where I spent my holidays with my family when I was child / youngster. I keep very nice memorizes from my child and young hood there .

You can get there through a tunnel and it is you come into Wonderland !!!!

In these days the number of inhabitants can get even 50 persons however, in winter it goes down till 8 persons ( 5 of them are my family).

It is the ideal place to be relaxing. There aren’t shops or coffee shops or cinemas or disco.

By the other hand it is plain of mountains, forests, one uncontained river (rio Guadalope). A festivity for the senses.

It is full of wild animals and medical herbs, so it is very funny to harvest them to prepare later, during autumn and winter, your favourite infusions.

The road to get there finishes in this place, so only persons who want to go there (or sometimes misplaced persons) come here.

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