Sunday, June 27, 2010


In Spanish language we can call it with three different words :


Lavanda comes from Frech “lavande”.

Espliego comes from Latin “espicilum” (which means spike).

Alhucema comes from Arab “alhuzama”.

I prefer to call it Espliego, it is the word we use in my region : Aragòn and I adore its colour and its aroma.

It is very easy to cultivate. It doesn’t need almost any water. It only needs to be planted in a sunny place. It can resist very well during very hot summers but also during very cold winters. It is convenient an important pruning at the end summer.

It was very well known by Antic Romans . They put these flowers into the thermal water. They prepared perfumes and decoctions to be used for their beauty.

You can make your eau de toilette if you mix flowers + alcohol + demineralised water.

You can alleviate your headache if you massage your temples and your nape of neck with a very few drops of Lavender Essential Oil.

You can put small bucket into your wardrobe in order to chase away any moth.

Its aroma is detested by mosquitoes.

I harvested first flowers in my garden yesterday and I took are some pictures.

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